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Our policy is to rotate adjudicators every two to three years. We also attempt to find two local adjudicators and one "out of town" adjudicator for each type of group...choral, concert band, jazz ensemble. As a regional festival, it is important that we keep our funding in check. Furthermore, there are many retired music teachers who are able to do a wonderful job adjudicating and workshopping music ensembles. This approach helps to save on fees, hotel and transportation costs. All that being said, it is a priority for us to provide outstanding adjudicators who can provide the highest level of expertise. Your feedback each year is invaluable and helps us in our selection process. So stay in touch.







CONCERT BANDS - Janice Waldron (University of Windsor); Colin Clarke (Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra); Jeff Reynolds (U of T)




JAZZ ENSEMBLES - Mike Grace (Professional Jazz musician/educator, Port Elgin); Barry Usher (Saxophone, UWO); Kevin Watson (Jazz Education, UWO)


CHOIRS  - Victoria Meredith (Western University); Terry Head (First St. Andrews U.C.); Gerard Yun (Wilfrid Laurier University)





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